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Define Sentience.

Sen.tient n.

1. Having sense perception; conscious.

2. Experiencing sensation, thought, or feeling.

Synonyms:  any sentient creature should have the good sense to avoid something so dangerous: (capable of) feeling/thinking, cognitive, conscious, aware.

Things like tumors, plants, and bacteria react to stimuli. This is very different from bugs, rats, and humans that make conscious decisions to enhance their comfort, plan ahead, and are capable of experiencing fear, comfort, attachment, and in many cases, sympathy.  Rats will ration their own food to help feed other rats, bees plan ahead for the winter and make personal decisions of how valuable another bee’s information is.  

Bees are the proud owners of the second most complex language that we know of (the famous bee dance, second only to human speech/sign language).  There is no concrete evidence to suggest that plants are capable of fear or pain, but even if there were, I would still be vegan because it takes less life total to cultivate plants and eat them directly than it does to cultivate plants, feed them to animals, and then kill and eat the animals.  Less death total, less pain total, more compassion.  I do have to eat to live, but the way I can do that and inflict the least pain possible for others is by eating a plant-based diet.

You do have to be careful of plants like bananas, coco, and coffea, and minerals like diamonds and gold which are often times harvested through human slavery (much of it is child slavery).  To avoid supporting slavery, be sure to buy from only free-trade brands of potentially slave-produced products and research which companies support fair and humane production! 
Let’s all be compassionate together! uhuhuh > ⩊ <
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